Thursday, July 21, 2005

Constitution Drafting Seminar

Professor Hilbay will be offering an advanced course in Constitutional Law (Law 176), the object of which is to assist him in drafting an alternative Constitution. The class will be converted into an informal constitutional assembly that will compose all the articles of the new Constitution. The first few meetings, however, will be limited to discussing the general features of the draft Constitution and the organization of the class.

In view of the urgency of the enterprise, as well as the academic and practical advantages of working as history plays out, the preparatory work of the class will be initiated this semester. Meetings of the seminar will be flexible and dependent on the existing schedule of those who will be selected. At a minimum, the class will meet once a week. The timetable for finishing the draft Constitution is entirely dependent on the group's progress.

Class size is tentatively limited to thirteen. Members eventually selected will be credited with three units for the second semester. Those interested may sign up with the College Secretary's Office. There is NO priority in enlistment. Those interested may email Prof. Hilbay at with a paragraph or two indicating why they should be selected. Enlistment ends on the 27th of July at 5pm. Open to all students.


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