Friday, March 11, 2005

Malcolm at Play

UP Law Badminton Team Smashes the Opposition!

"Absolutely awesome!". Those were the words of a Conflicts of Law organizer who witnessed the UP Law team annihilate, destroy and otherwise terminate all challengers en route to taking 4 of the 5 championship trophies at stake in the badminton event.

It was a fitting description as UP Law was simply spectacular! It's players winning in straight sets and large margins. When the dust finally settled, UP triumphed in the Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Mixed Doubles and Women's Doubles.

It started with Mars Arias-- coach, team captain, sepak takraw player and make-over model. Formerly ranked fourth in the nation, the Fastest Cock this side of the world made minced meat of his so-called challengers, hammering them with thunderous smashes that left dents on the floor. As he lifted the Men's Singles trophy, perhaps the only thing difficult for him was popping a sweat.

Vivian Tan then essayed triumph over triumph in the Women's Singles, showing an astounding amount of grace and court cunning.

Vivian and Camille Sevilla then joined forces and handily defeated San Beda in the Women's Doubles event. Sevilla was simply crazy-- running the length of the court to hit improbable shots!

Mark Rabe and Camilled tandemned to win the Mixed Doubles. Rabe was like Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix", as the shuttlecocks kept teleporting themselves instantaneously from his racket to the opposition's floor space.


Volley Belles Crowd Favorites

Notice how during the Conflicts volleyball games no one watches the other teams, but attendance increases a hundredfold whenever the UP Law Women's Squad plays?

According to an anonymous FEU source, word has gotten around that our girls are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! The others are simply drop dead or dead droppings. Whatever. Our girls are known around the league as the Brazilian team, in reference to their curvaceous, well, curves and their popularity among the fans.

Of course, being pretty don't mean nothin' without the skillz that make others spillz (pilit). The UP Law team has entered the Final Four with a 4-1 record, the lone loss being a fluke.

Here's to more GROUP HUGS!

Men's Basketball Team Also Great

In fairness to them, many also watch the Men's Basketball Team, specially when there's a game after them. This is no doubt due to the likes and looks of Marlon "Loverboy" Baldomera; star quality in Julz "Bright Lights Big City" Esquivias; tisoys in Franz "The Best Kept Secret" Tulz and JP "The Cacique" Cabilao; all around good guys in Mike "The Gladiator" Acaban and Chinese looking dudes like Al "The Reflection" Siazon. For tall, dark and...shotblocking there's "The Human Erasure" Pico Pena (joke, Pico, peace!)

Again, these guys are more than just good looks, they totally dominate. The Men's Bball Squad sports a historid 4-0 record and will face San Beda in Final Four pairings this Sunday.

Sticks and Cues

Congratulations to the Billiards Team for winning the championship!

You really know how to use sticks to shoot your balls in holes and stuff.

by Philip Ranada


Blogger UP Law Student Government said...

btw, fyi si mr. philip ranada ay nagsulat ng mga articles na yon.ΓΌ-aman

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to clarify about the description "once ranked as fourth in the nation" i was never fourth in the nation. Fourth in UP but never in the nation -- Mars Arias

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