Friday, August 12, 2005

Freshman Night 2005

This year's Freshman Night was no exception to the sacred Malcolm tradition of cross dressing, debauchery and revelry. Just for one night, the teaching of law in the grand manner was put aside and the teaching of more worldly things was placed in its stead.

There was music, laughter and incredibly hairy women. What more could you ask for right?

Kudos to D2008 for a splendid job :)

The winners are:

1B- Vice relay
1D- Best block presentation
1D- Ms. Freshman 2005 (Bruno Tangangco)
1D- Ms. Talent (Oliver Yee)
1D- Freshman week over-all champions

* ed's note: unfortunately, these were the only results available to me. If you know the other winners, feel free to give a holler and i'll post them right away. Tao lang :)

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* photos courtesy of D2008


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