Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the law lib will be open on sunday

The law library will be open on
March 26 and April 2 ,
from 8am-5pm for the finals week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am from San Beda Law, a sophomore student. From section 2-s (If you think i am fake, try verifying if there is a certian Adonis Gabriel teaching Administration Law in this section -it ain't me but he's our prof. -Carlo Cruz's replacement). Supposedly, San Beda's cream de la creme in the second year, along with section B. Yeah Right. Anyway, I have this admiration for UP Law and this will never diminish, not even a single iota. So then, let me express what i wanted to say, GOODLUCK SA FINALS! Kayang kaya nyo yan! UP LAW will rule the 2005 bar exams. Just have faith, prayers (preferably, storm the heavens with it) and confidence (perhaps i shouldn't have written the latter - confidence comes naturaly to you guys). UP Law is UP Law is UP Law - There is no substitute.

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