Thursday, June 22, 2006

Statement of the UP Law Student Government

At around 8:20 am, Monday, June 19, 2006, a group of 8 men in ski-masks, carrying pipes and baseball bats attacked a sophomore student of the UP College of Law, while he was walking alone along the corridor between Bocobo Hall and Malcolm Hall. He is a member of a law-based fraternity. One of the witnesses to the incident claimed that the get-away car used by the assailants is owned by another UP law student who belongs to a rival fraternity. This is the first incident in recent years of fraternity related violence occurring in the UP College of Law.

WE, the UP Law Student Government, condemn these senseless acts of violence. Suche acts should not be condoned anywhere, but we are doubly concerned that it has happened within the grounds of Malcolm. It is an insult not just to the students and professors, but also to this Institution itself, which has its values anchored on decency, propriety and respect for fellow men. By committing such violent acts, these masked assailants did not only inflict physical injuries on their victim, they also disturbed the peace of the College and endangered the members of this Community. Furthermore, we are saddened by the mere allegation that students of this College are involved in this brutal episode.

It should be made clear to these individuals, whether they come from this College or not, that they are not welcome to do as they please within Malcolm Hall. We implore members of fraternities to settle their disputes in a manner that will not disrupt the peace and order, to settle it as amicably as possible and without endangering the safety of the members of this Community.

We ask the rest of the Student Body to unite with us in this cause against fraternity related violence. Let this incident be the last act of violence in the UP College of Law.

Christina Faye Condez

Lorybeth Baldrias

Ria Ochoa

Hardy Aquende

Elgene Feliciano

Dino Aguirre


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