Thursday, July 27, 2006

UP Law Lost and Found Center

The UP Law Lost and Found Center is now officially with the Office of the College Secretary (OCS).

Procedure for reporting found items:

1. Bring the found item to the OCS
2. The person who brought the item will then be asked to sign a logbook indicating basic information about himself/herself as well as the item.
3. Subject to size constraints, the item will be placed in a deposit box.
4. Should the item remain unclaimed for one (1) month, the item is deemed donated to the LSG

Procedure for claiming lost items:

1. Report the lost item to the OCS
2. If item is present, describe the item for verification
3. Provide identification and sign the logbook
4. Claim the item


Blogger uberjam said...

i hope it works. i've already lost a laptop charger and an umbrella during my (almost) 4-year stint in this gig.

nobody seems to bother returning things... :p

i'm sure this is not always true.

but i'm still bitter. ;)

8:01 PM  

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