Thursday, April 28, 2005

Announcements from the BarOps 2005 Committees

A. Secretariat:

Requirements Checklist from the Barops 2005 Secretariat:

NOTE! This list is based on last year's requirements. The Supreme Court Bar Confidant has yet to release a list for this year. Meanwhile consider this a working checklist pending announcements from the SC.The Secretariat will keep you posted.

STEP 1: Getting Your Clearance

( ) Accomplish University Student Clearance form

( ) Pay P300.00 clearance or graduation fee

( ) Submit form along with receipt for clearance fee. (BarOps will
accomplish this for you)

STEP 2: Getting Your Transcript of Records

( ) Accomplish application for transcript form

( ) Pay P360.00 for 2 sets of transcripts (if to BarOps Sec)
*** The amount varies since number of transcript pages varies per person. The OUR set the price at P30/page. BarOps Sec will return the excess of the P360 if there is any and collect more if necessary.

( ) Submit any 1x1 or 2x2 picture. (together with transcript form)

( ) Submit application form along with receipt for payment and approved clearance form (BarOps will accomplish this for you)

STEP 3: Compiling Your Petition for Bar Requirements
( ) Accomplished Petition Form

( ) Birth Certificate (issued by NSO or Local Civil Registrar)
***Original or certified true copy
***In case of discrepancy of entries between the Birth Certificate and the Transcript of Records, an affidavit of parents and/or joint-affidavit of two disinterested persons explaining the discrepancy is required. The applicant is however further required to submit a corrected birth certificate or corrected school record as the case may be. This may be done after submitting petition.

( ) Marriage Certificate (for married females only)
***Original or certified true copy

( ) Three (3) Testimonials of good moral character (each executed by a member of Phil Bar)
***Must not be executed by a relative

( ) Official Pre-Law Transcript (comes with Law Transcript when latter is ordered)

( ) Official Law Transcript

( ) Three (3) copies of latest un-retouched photos w/ name IMPRINTED thereon
***1.1/2 x 1.1/2

( ) Self-addressed and stamped envelope

Note: Additional requirements apply for retakers and those with pending and/or decided cases (civil, criminal or administrative).

To help facilitate the Secretariat's work, please note the following:

(1) NAME – in general, the name on your birth certificate must correspond to that on your transcripts and petition form. However, for female students who got hitched while in law school, the transcript may not reflect the change of status. In that case, a simple letter to the Registrar will clear things up. (This is why a marriage
certificate is required.)

(2) AGENT – for those who will be absent from UP for a considerable amount of time, please ask a friend to act as your agent and inform the Secretariat.

(3) CONTACTS - details and additional requirements will be posted on the Bar Boards and website. You can place your questions thereon or in the lounge suggestion box. Those with deficiencies will be personally contacted.

*This checklist is also available in the bar0ps primer which is available at the lounge, in the green box on the shelves. Other stuff in the primer include acads
announcements and tips from UP Law grads like recent topnotchers Jary and Ron, and the Cordova Framework for a no exam will ruin my night life tips. :D

*For more information, please get in touch with Macel (09189257151) or Woowee (09178332997)


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