Saturday, April 09, 2005

Brand Spanking New Barristers

Here's a partial list of the successful Bar examinees from UP Law. If we inadvertently left out your name or of someone you know, please notify us at once and accept our profuse apologies (tao lang!).

1. Abesames, Joyce
2. Aliling, Jan
3. Allado, Quincy
4. Almiranez, Aissa
5. Andam, Zora
6. Angeles, Juan Carlos
7. Arbolado, Rudyard
8. Arrojado, Jonathan
9. Arumpac, Chiqui
10. Atendido, Ma. Cristina
11. Balajadia, Cristina Joy
12. Baluyot, Fama
13. Bandon, Charadine
14. Bangkas, Annsley
15. Basallo-Estampador, Coo
16. Bolastig, Chris
17. Bravo, Gladys
18. Briones, Erika
19. Buban, Hilarion
20. Caacbay, Chona
21. Canieso-Sproten, Asia
22. Carpio, Iris
23. Castillo, Christian
24. Castillo, Jaromme
25. Cordova, Ben
26. Corpuz-Coll, Jennifer
27. Corsino, Cynthia
28. De Guzman, Christopher
29. De Vera, Ron (2nd)
30. Desierto, Diane
31. Durban, Alton
32. Dy, Anzen
33. Erni, JM
34. Fajela, Israfel
35. Fajardo, Carlo Jolette
36. Feken, Blake
37. Fernandez, VJ
38. Garcia, Peachy
39. Gayondato, Mich
40. Guiang, Jonna
41. Hiponia, Charisse
42. Jimenez, Monica
43. King, Yenyen
44. Lagare, Jun
45. Lim, Berna
46. Lim, Jen
47. Limgenco, Carmen
48. Lingat, Melissa
49. Lomibao, Robel
50. Lopez, Caryl
51. Lopez, Mimi
52. Malilong, Ian
53. Maniego, Pete
54. Manzanares, Lyman
55. Marasigan, Marc
56. Melgazo, Apple
57. Mora, Lirene
58. Olivar, Thea
59. Panopio, Laurence
60. Pascua, Ivy
61. Paz, Anna Nerissa
62. Perez, Joemer (8th)
63. Policarpio, Ronald
64. Pulido, Bodie
65. Ramiro, Ia
66. Ramos, Luther
67. Reyes, Mae Nina
68. Roldan, Steve
69. Roura, Arlene
70. Sagcal, Gen
71. Salvador, Delight
72. Samarita, Robert
73. Samson, Leah
74. Sanchez, Jary (1st)
75. Sandoval, Raymond
76. Santos, Amanda
77. Serrano, Antonio
78. Sicat, Aileen
79. Silva, Neil (9th)
80. Sy, Deborah
81. Uychoco, Arnel
82. Valeros, Fidel
83. Villanueva, Mary Grace Ellen
84. Villarica, Hailey

Well peeps, you now know who to bug and pester for a congratulatory drink :)

Cheers and kudos to everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

isn't the lsg or the admin going to do something for the barristers? something to congratulate them naman.
it wouldn't be too much to at least let them know we're happy for them, right? and that we're proud of them?

concerned up law student

ps. what if i lost my crs thing that they gave out at the start of the school year, so i don't know my username and password. where can i get it from again?

10:52 PM  
Blogger jillsabs said...

i'm not privy to the LSG programs but i'll forward your suggestion to someone who is.

with regard to your crs password, you just have to go to the computer center and ask for your username and password again. the computer center is located almost in front of the statistics building, the next block from Law

5:55 AM  
Blogger jillsabs said...

a commemoration merienda of some sort was held for the new lawyers last tuesday :)

6:41 AM  

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