Monday, July 31, 2006

Vice Relay Pictures

The Vice Relay is probably the one and only event where the school sanctions all sorts and all kinds of, well, vice.

It's also one of the few times where the students can get rowdy and boisterous without any of the faculty members threatening disciplinary actions.

So if you weren't at the lobby last July 26, you definitely missed a lot (go on, you can start kicking yourself now).

The 1st station: Win over card sharks Banuar and Alain

The 2nd station: Finish a plateful of sisig and chicharon without using your hands

The 3rd station: Guzzle down a bottle of beer

The 4th station: Finish several sticks of cigarettes

The 5th station: Dress up a banana with a condom

Congratulations to 1D for winning the relay!

Thanks to Portia Sorority for sponsoring the event


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