Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Google Zeitgeist on "Filipina"

(From Clair)Turns out, a Google search for the word "Filipina" throws back a slew of sites on dating and mail order brides. It's even worse for Google Image Search.

We don't have to take this sitting down. The Sassy Lawyer makes the following suggestion:

perhaps we can all write about our own definition of what a filipina is and then let’s provide the urls to the permalink pages then let’s point to each other’s permalinks. In a few weeks, google will show different results. :)

For best results, use “Filipina” or “Filipino women” as links to each other’s permalinks.

The Filipino Librarian has a starter set of good "Filipina" links.

If you have a nice definition/description, please drop it in the comments section of this post. I'll post it in the iBlog blog, as well as my 3 or 4 personal blogs.

Can Pinoy bloggers reverse years of google zeitgeist pollution? This is certainly a blog-worthy project :)

Merriam Webster: Filipina

Monday, May 09, 2005


Did you know that May 7, 2005 marked the first ever Philippine Blogging Summit in the, well, Philippines?

The Summit was graced by the Sassy Lawyer, undoubtedly one of the more popular denizens of the blogging world.

Kudos to the UP Law and Internet Society Program for spearheading the event!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Interns Speak Out

The following is an actual exchange between two IHR interns. Read on and know that while you are wasting away the summer, some people are actually doing something worthwhile. In order to maintain the integrity of these letters, only the names of the senders and the people involved have been changed to protect their privacy, these communications are as unedited as a Kris Aquino interview circa Joey Marquez-bed burning incident.

"Pikachu" says:

Hi guys... wala lang, just wanna know how everyone is doing in their respective NGOs.

FLAG pips, sorry... ako muna ang maunang magkwentop ng mga happenings sa buhay natin..

Sa FLAG, we are not required to report sa office (kasi maliit yung office nila sa UP). We were just given deadlines tsaka sked for some tours. tapos yun na! So I guess, lagi akong nasa UP lib to research with "Butterfree".

What are our tasks? Well... Sina "Butterfree" at "Rayquaza" were tasked to help in making a video on how to use DNA tests in court. Cute kasi may script, camera crew and the likes. I think they even have to find actors...

Si "Caterpie" at "Weedle", tasked to draft a petition regrading the national ID system... noong una, opinion lang eh kaso natuwa yata si Sir Te sa kanila, yun! They'll be passing the draft pleading to him.

Kame ni "Butterfree", we were tasked to make a position paper para sa FLAG regarding the Anti-Terrorism Bill. Medyo nakakatakot kasi sabi sa amin nung Secretary General ng FLAG, she wants us to look at it kasi she has read the position paper over and over again. BTW, yung secretary general is the daughter of Diokno.

Tapos ayun. we were also tasked to make case digests of different crimes from 1995-2005. "Weedle" (kidnapping), Ako (parricide and Murder), "Butterfree" (Illegal Drugs), "Caterpie" (rape).

Okey naman yung tours. Educational. Pumunta kami sa DNA lab sa UP. Masaya tsaka nakaka-impress what DNA sampling can do for future cases... ang mahal nga lang! Tanungin nyo si "Weedle" 'how to make the perfect crime'

Tapos due kami to visit Bilibid and Correctional for Women sa May 4 and 5 (yata) with Sir Te . Bawal daw mag-sleeveless, masikip na damit at saka bawal ang color orange dahil baka tuluyang maiwan na kami sa loob.

Sana hindi na matuloy yung duty namin sa May 1- Labor day. Required yata kami tumambay sa office nila sa Tomas Morato just in case may gulo tapos may mga mahuli...

Yun lang po... ei! IHR peeps, magkwento naman kayo! balitaan nyo naman kami.

"Metapod", "Kakuna", "Charizard"... kamusta sa TFP? Puro tibak ba diyan?
"Squirtle", kamusta ang NGO ng workers?
Cotobato pips, Davao pips, and Bohol PIP (iisa lang kasi eh!), wats up?

"Kakuna" says:

hi, "Pikachu".

super nakakapagod sa tfd! pero ok yung mga tao. mababait. may free coffee. iba-iba kame ng work nina "Metapod". magkaiba din kame ng office. required kame ng eight-hour work days five times a week, bahala ka na kung kailan mo gusto.

Yes, puro tibak sila. minsan na nga lang nagkakatinginan kame ni "Metapod" kase yung stand nila not necessarily ours.

very vocal sila sa national ID at sa anti-terrorist bill. may one-hour lectures kame on those topic during our first day. kung kailangan nyo ng iinterviewhin, try nyo sila.

may field trip din kame sa bilibid. pero more on paperwork kame. yun nga lang si "Metapod", puedeng pumunta ng benguet kung kukulangin yung paperworks nya. ako naman baka straight na sa mental. kakaloka yung project ko. tungkol sa impunity. sobra.

enjoy your internship!

God bless.

*code names lifted from

Monday, May 02, 2005

Graduation Party

Image hosted by

Who: UP Law Batch 2005
What: Graduation shindig
Where: Negros Inasal Express
When: April 29, 2005 7-ish up to sawa
Why: Because we can.