Friday, April 29, 2005


Three cheers for Allan Jones Lardizabal for being the new Malcolm Lex EIC! (whoop!)

Let's give it up for Batch 2005 for surviving the salt mine known as UP Law! (hurrah!)

And finally, let's hear it for Oscar Tan who's inviting EVERYONE to Negros Inasal Express at 7pm tonight for his graduation fete! (hooray! hooray!)

So if later this evening you find yourself at the corner of Timog and Ybardolaza Street, you now know where to go for free chicken and beer :)

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Oscar Tan with Garth, BJ, Benj and Dex (a.k.a. The Goons)

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Announcements from the BarOps 2005 Committees

A. Secretariat:

Requirements Checklist from the Barops 2005 Secretariat:

NOTE! This list is based on last year's requirements. The Supreme Court Bar Confidant has yet to release a list for this year. Meanwhile consider this a working checklist pending announcements from the SC.The Secretariat will keep you posted.

STEP 1: Getting Your Clearance

( ) Accomplish University Student Clearance form

( ) Pay P300.00 clearance or graduation fee

( ) Submit form along with receipt for clearance fee. (BarOps will
accomplish this for you)

STEP 2: Getting Your Transcript of Records

( ) Accomplish application for transcript form

( ) Pay P360.00 for 2 sets of transcripts (if to BarOps Sec)
*** The amount varies since number of transcript pages varies per person. The OUR set the price at P30/page. BarOps Sec will return the excess of the P360 if there is any and collect more if necessary.

( ) Submit any 1x1 or 2x2 picture. (together with transcript form)

( ) Submit application form along with receipt for payment and approved clearance form (BarOps will accomplish this for you)

STEP 3: Compiling Your Petition for Bar Requirements
( ) Accomplished Petition Form

( ) Birth Certificate (issued by NSO or Local Civil Registrar)
***Original or certified true copy
***In case of discrepancy of entries between the Birth Certificate and the Transcript of Records, an affidavit of parents and/or joint-affidavit of two disinterested persons explaining the discrepancy is required. The applicant is however further required to submit a corrected birth certificate or corrected school record as the case may be. This may be done after submitting petition.

( ) Marriage Certificate (for married females only)
***Original or certified true copy

( ) Three (3) Testimonials of good moral character (each executed by a member of Phil Bar)
***Must not be executed by a relative

( ) Official Pre-Law Transcript (comes with Law Transcript when latter is ordered)

( ) Official Law Transcript

( ) Three (3) copies of latest un-retouched photos w/ name IMPRINTED thereon
***1.1/2 x 1.1/2

( ) Self-addressed and stamped envelope

Note: Additional requirements apply for retakers and those with pending and/or decided cases (civil, criminal or administrative).

To help facilitate the Secretariat's work, please note the following:

(1) NAME – in general, the name on your birth certificate must correspond to that on your transcripts and petition form. However, for female students who got hitched while in law school, the transcript may not reflect the change of status. In that case, a simple letter to the Registrar will clear things up. (This is why a marriage
certificate is required.)

(2) AGENT – for those who will be absent from UP for a considerable amount of time, please ask a friend to act as your agent and inform the Secretariat.

(3) CONTACTS - details and additional requirements will be posted on the Bar Boards and website. You can place your questions thereon or in the lounge suggestion box. Those with deficiencies will be personally contacted.

*This checklist is also available in the bar0ps primer which is available at the lounge, in the green box on the shelves. Other stuff in the primer include acads
announcements and tips from UP Law grads like recent topnotchers Jary and Ron, and the Cordova Framework for a no exam will ruin my night life tips. :D

*For more information, please get in touch with Macel (09189257151) or Woowee (09178332997)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

FOR SALE: BAR BLUES - The Ultimate Book on Bar Exam Preparations

From Lorybeth Baldrias:


the Bar Ops Finance Team is selling a book called, "BAR BLUES: OR EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE BAR EXAMS BUT ARE TOO BUSY TO ASK". it's authored by UP Law alumni who were former Bar Ops people, topnotchers, PLJ'ers, etc. (more info is in the flyers). we're selling this book on consignment and are the exclusive distributors for UP.(the authors are not selling this through the Law Center, just through the Bar Ops).

we're selling it for P375. a downpayment of P150 has to accompany the initial order, and there's a lead time of 2 weeks or so before the buyer gets his copy of the book because the authors have a "print on demand" arrangement with the publisher.

we're really hoping that people (even those of us who are still in law school) would buy this book coz this won't only benefit us in the future, it would also benefit this batch of barristers.

those who'd like to order could get in touch through ron villaraza at (0917)7120650 / sharon corpuz at(0917)9810882 / me at (0917)8898783 or 4369286.

thanks so much!

lorybeth baldrias

p.s. please feel free to circulate this to your blocks and to whoever you feel is interested. thanks again!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


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Erratum: WINLAW's president is Cherry Valenzuela NOT Cherry Villanueva, as stated in the above news bulletin. Pasensya na po...


The application period for the position of editor for UP Law's premier (and only) student publication, Malcolm Lex, officially closed last Sunday, April 10.

The conclave will now go into seclusion to choose the next editor-in-chief. The results will be announced on Monday, April 18, 2005 and will be signalled with the release of white smoke from the Law Center's chimney.

The whole Malcolmdom solemnly awaits the next editor-in-chief.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Brand Spanking New Barristers

Here's a partial list of the successful Bar examinees from UP Law. If we inadvertently left out your name or of someone you know, please notify us at once and accept our profuse apologies (tao lang!).

1. Abesames, Joyce
2. Aliling, Jan
3. Allado, Quincy
4. Almiranez, Aissa
5. Andam, Zora
6. Angeles, Juan Carlos
7. Arbolado, Rudyard
8. Arrojado, Jonathan
9. Arumpac, Chiqui
10. Atendido, Ma. Cristina
11. Balajadia, Cristina Joy
12. Baluyot, Fama
13. Bandon, Charadine
14. Bangkas, Annsley
15. Basallo-Estampador, Coo
16. Bolastig, Chris
17. Bravo, Gladys
18. Briones, Erika
19. Buban, Hilarion
20. Caacbay, Chona
21. Canieso-Sproten, Asia
22. Carpio, Iris
23. Castillo, Christian
24. Castillo, Jaromme
25. Cordova, Ben
26. Corpuz-Coll, Jennifer
27. Corsino, Cynthia
28. De Guzman, Christopher
29. De Vera, Ron (2nd)
30. Desierto, Diane
31. Durban, Alton
32. Dy, Anzen
33. Erni, JM
34. Fajela, Israfel
35. Fajardo, Carlo Jolette
36. Feken, Blake
37. Fernandez, VJ
38. Garcia, Peachy
39. Gayondato, Mich
40. Guiang, Jonna
41. Hiponia, Charisse
42. Jimenez, Monica
43. King, Yenyen
44. Lagare, Jun
45. Lim, Berna
46. Lim, Jen
47. Limgenco, Carmen
48. Lingat, Melissa
49. Lomibao, Robel
50. Lopez, Caryl
51. Lopez, Mimi
52. Malilong, Ian
53. Maniego, Pete
54. Manzanares, Lyman
55. Marasigan, Marc
56. Melgazo, Apple
57. Mora, Lirene
58. Olivar, Thea
59. Panopio, Laurence
60. Pascua, Ivy
61. Paz, Anna Nerissa
62. Perez, Joemer (8th)
63. Policarpio, Ronald
64. Pulido, Bodie
65. Ramiro, Ia
66. Ramos, Luther
67. Reyes, Mae Nina
68. Roldan, Steve
69. Roura, Arlene
70. Sagcal, Gen
71. Salvador, Delight
72. Samarita, Robert
73. Samson, Leah
74. Sanchez, Jary (1st)
75. Sandoval, Raymond
76. Santos, Amanda
77. Serrano, Antonio
78. Sicat, Aileen
79. Silva, Neil (9th)
80. Sy, Deborah
81. Uychoco, Arnel
82. Valeros, Fidel
83. Villanueva, Mary Grace Ellen
84. Villarica, Hailey

Well peeps, you now know who to bug and pester for a congratulatory drink :)

Cheers and kudos to everyone!

Friday, April 08, 2005

2004 Bar Results

Are out. Four UP Law students made it to the top ten, top spot included.

Congratulations! Props to all the new lawyers!

A total of 1659 out of the 5249 examinees from more 75 law schools nationwide hurdled the 2004 Bar examinations held during all four Sundays of September last year at the De La Salle University in Manila. The exams were the first to be held after the Supreme Court promulgated Bar Matter No. 1161, Re: Proposed Reforms in the Bar Examinations, which took effect on July 15, 2004.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Fairytale

Once upon a time, in a kingdom not so far away, the ladies of Portia were all agog preparing for the annual Induction Ball. Shrieks of despair could be heard all over the normally placid kingdom as cries of "What will I wear?!" "Who will I go with?!" and "I haven't finished studying!!" pierced the night.

But being the true troopers that they were, on the night of March 12, the Portians got their frocks ready and headed off to the nearby fiefdom of Discovery Suites. With dates in tow and bubbly at hand, it was a night to end all nights.

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The lovely Portians (with a Mrs. Portion).

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The dashing gentlemen.

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And the ummm... happy people.

Image hosted by

Congratulations to the new Lady President! LP Kristine is the looker in the slinky black gown.

Unfortunately, in spite of several requests, the author was unable to get copies of the Winlaw Ball pictures. If you have copies, please send them to together with the corresponding write-up

Pictures courtesy of Khay Guballa

Saturday, April 02, 2005

It Has Begun

Attention: 2005 UP Law Bar Examinees

The 2005 BAROPS Secretariat Committee will be distributing clearance forms and collecting clearance fees this week.

Please drop by our "help-desk" in the Law Library, 1st Floor. Our members will be available to assist you from 10am-5pm until Wednesday, April 6.

For further inquiries, please contact Macel (09189257151) or Woowee (09178332997)

Thanks and good luck with the finals!