Thursday, March 24, 2005


Apparently, qualifying as the Collegian's Editor in Chief should have been the least of JP Colet's worries.

However, the LSG is happy to say that the storm has passed and that the Board of Judges has upheld Colet's victory.

If all this brouhaha serves as a but teaser, then the next schoolyear's Collegian promises to be a very interesting one :)

All right, show's over. Let's go back to work.

CRS Pre-enlistment Dates

Attention! From the CRS Homepage

*Pre-enlistment for SUMMER begins March 21, 2005 and ends April 1, 2005.

*Pre-enlistment for 1ST SEMESTER 2005 begins March 21, 2005 and ends April 22, 2005.

You have been duly informed.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Malcolm Lex Wants You!

Image hosted by Malcolm Lex is the official publication of the UP College of Law.

Malcolm Lex espouses tradition, excellence and responsible reportage.

Malcolm Lex is the paper to beat (specially in lieu of an umbrella...)

If you fancy yourself working under such an esteemed and revered establishment, do send your resume or application to the LSG Office or to

Deadline for submission is on April 10,2005.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Party Time

The Law Student Government Turnover Ceremony was held last March 16 at the Faculty Lounge. During this momentous occasion, the incumbent LSG, led by Banuar Falcon, handed over the reins of the LSG-dom to president-elect Aman Enconado and the other officers elect.

People cheered as the two men shook hands knowing that, once again, the UP Law studentry was in safe and able hands. And people cheered even more when the buffet table was declared open game.

Congratulations to the newly elected LSG!


The following day, the IHL Team, led by Dr. Celia Torres-Villanueva, was also feted for their recent victory in Hongkong.

In the Recognition Ceremony, Former Dean Merlin Magallona regaled the crowd with his usual quick wit. But the stars of the evening were undoubtedly our mighty IHL Team composed of Dr. Celia Torres-Villanueva, William Varias, Mark Rabe, Marlon Marquez, Faye Condez and Maricel Seno.

FYI, the UP IHL Team won BOTH 1st and 2nd places. San ka pa?!

Great work guys! You make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

You Rock!!

A hearty handshake is in order for:

Juan Paolo Colet for topping the Philippine Collegian Editorial Exam.

Dr. Ma. Cecilia Torres-Villanueva, Will Varias, Mark Pepito Rabe, Maricel Seno, Faye Condez and Marlon Marquez for winning the top spots in the recently concluded 3rd Red Cross International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Moot Court Competition in Hongkong. Doc Celia and Will Varias, who won first place, are now off to Geneva Switzerland as part of their grand prize. Further congratulations are in order for Mark Rabe who was adjudged Best Oralist.

If you suddenly find the entire Malcolm-dom abuzz with excitement and joy, you know who to blame :)

The Law Aptitude Exam (LAE) results are out. The results can be seen outside the Office of the College Secretary. Congratulations to the top 100 (you lucky dogs!) and good luck to those who are still scheduled for interview.

Movie Time

Image hosted by

UP Law B2007 will present Ditsi Carolino's "Bunso (The Youngest)" at the Malcolm Theater on March 15, 2005 at 4:30pm.

In line with this, a photo exhibit was held at the UP College of Law Lobby from March 2-9. Ms. Nana Buxani's photos of the documentary were showcased.

The following is an excerpt of a review done of "Bunso" in the March 5, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

"Bunso" is a touching study of the lives of children who are sent to jail for petty crimes like theft and drugs, as a result of abject poverty and their hostile environment. Shot in a decrepit jail in Cebu, the 64-minute documentary focuses on two children who candidly narrate in Cebuano (with English subtitles) how they have landed in jail, the violence inflicted to them by their parents, what it's like to be in the company of adult inmates, and their simple joys and deep pains.

To read the entire article, please click here.

Tickets are sold at P40 each. For inquiries, please get in touch with Karla at 09196859502 or through

Saturday, March 12, 2005


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Friday, March 11, 2005

Malcolm at Play

UP Law Badminton Team Smashes the Opposition!

"Absolutely awesome!". Those were the words of a Conflicts of Law organizer who witnessed the UP Law team annihilate, destroy and otherwise terminate all challengers en route to taking 4 of the 5 championship trophies at stake in the badminton event.

It was a fitting description as UP Law was simply spectacular! It's players winning in straight sets and large margins. When the dust finally settled, UP triumphed in the Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Mixed Doubles and Women's Doubles.

It started with Mars Arias-- coach, team captain, sepak takraw player and make-over model. Formerly ranked fourth in the nation, the Fastest Cock this side of the world made minced meat of his so-called challengers, hammering them with thunderous smashes that left dents on the floor. As he lifted the Men's Singles trophy, perhaps the only thing difficult for him was popping a sweat.

Vivian Tan then essayed triumph over triumph in the Women's Singles, showing an astounding amount of grace and court cunning.

Vivian and Camille Sevilla then joined forces and handily defeated San Beda in the Women's Doubles event. Sevilla was simply crazy-- running the length of the court to hit improbable shots!

Mark Rabe and Camilled tandemned to win the Mixed Doubles. Rabe was like Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix", as the shuttlecocks kept teleporting themselves instantaneously from his racket to the opposition's floor space.


Volley Belles Crowd Favorites

Notice how during the Conflicts volleyball games no one watches the other teams, but attendance increases a hundredfold whenever the UP Law Women's Squad plays?

According to an anonymous FEU source, word has gotten around that our girls are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! The others are simply drop dead or dead droppings. Whatever. Our girls are known around the league as the Brazilian team, in reference to their curvaceous, well, curves and their popularity among the fans.

Of course, being pretty don't mean nothin' without the skillz that make others spillz (pilit). The UP Law team has entered the Final Four with a 4-1 record, the lone loss being a fluke.

Here's to more GROUP HUGS!

Men's Basketball Team Also Great

In fairness to them, many also watch the Men's Basketball Team, specially when there's a game after them. This is no doubt due to the likes and looks of Marlon "Loverboy" Baldomera; star quality in Julz "Bright Lights Big City" Esquivias; tisoys in Franz "The Best Kept Secret" Tulz and JP "The Cacique" Cabilao; all around good guys in Mike "The Gladiator" Acaban and Chinese looking dudes like Al "The Reflection" Siazon. For tall, dark and...shotblocking there's "The Human Erasure" Pico Pena (joke, Pico, peace!)

Again, these guys are more than just good looks, they totally dominate. The Men's Bball Squad sports a historid 4-0 record and will face San Beda in Final Four pairings this Sunday.

Sticks and Cues

Congratulations to the Billiards Team for winning the championship!

You really know how to use sticks to shoot your balls in holes and stuff.

by Philip Ranada

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Roster of Achievers (a.k.a the Incoming LSG)

President: Aman Enconado
Vice-President: Lem Lopez
Secretary: Oggs Cruz
Treasurer: Charles Cheng
P.R.O: Faye Condez
Law School Rep: Viben Pinga

Special mention also goes out to the newly elect USC councilors: Jill Santos, Froilan Montero and Tin Antonio.

Congratulations to everyone!